Gomez Felipe Park

Nestled in Los Llanos de Aridane, Park Antonio Gómez Felipe spans a pristine 6000 m2, serving as a unique and enchanting retreat. Upon arrival, you’re greeted by two imposing giant lizards, symbolizing a warm welcome, complemented by the beautifully manicured gardens accentuating the park’s charm.

Dive into the Allure of Parque Gómez Felipe: A Green Oasis Amidst the Bustling Heart of Los Llanos

The captivating Parque Gómez Felipe originated from the vision of local Antonio Gomez Felipe (1900-1966) and underwent refurbishment by Louis Morera in 2010. It stands as a lush green haven right in the municipality’s epicenter. This green gem, established in the early 1960s, provides visitors with a distinct and serene environment to immerse in nature’s embrace.

The park gracefully divides into two distinctive sections, each designed to offer a holistic experience. The park’s westernmost section boasts an intriguing botanical garden, sheltering a wide spectrum of endemic and native flora from the Canary Islands. This sanctuary is the go-to spot for nature enthusiasts and those eager to delve into the region’s botanical splendor.

Conversely, the recreational area is tailor-made for younger guests. Equipped with playful structures, children can revel in joyous and secure moments, ensuring their surroundings are both apt and meticulously maintained.

The park’s vibrant mosaics harmoniously blend with the natural volcanic rock and native flora. Additionally, its adornments are reminiscent of the whimsical fairy realm. The park’s architectural style echoes the distinct touch of renowned architect Gaudí. This unique design is also evident in other locales, like the Glorieta Square in Las Manchas and the Universe Lookout in the Pinar de Tijarafe area, both crafted by artist Luis Morera. However, the latter remains a work in progress.

los llanos de aridane park

Map of Parque Gómez Felipe in Los Llanos de Aridane


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