Playground on the beach Santa Cruz de La Palma

The Playa de Santa Cruz de La Palma children’s park is located on the splendid beach of the capital, a haven specifically crafted for the enjoyment of children and their families.

playground on the beache of santa cruz de la palma

Revel in the Playa de Santa Cruz de La Palma children’s park: fun and amenities for all

This beach boasts a vast playground area, where youngsters can have fun in a secure and stimulating environment while their parents unwind at the nearby El Malecón kiosk. Additionally, there’s a sports zone with football and volleyball fields.

Santa Cruz de La Palma beach is ideal for families with children and people with disabilities, thanks to its fine black sand, calm waters, and the array of amenities it offers, such as gazebos, wooden walkways, kiosks, lifeguard service, bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, and lockers.

Throughout the summer months, Santa Cruz beach expands its offerings with activities and services designed for the delight of both children and adults. Among these, the “biblioplaya”, a beachside library stands out, where both young and old can indulge in reading in an idyllic seaside setting.

Moreover, during the peak season, the beach becomes the backdrop for concerts and outdoor activities suitable for the whole family. These cultural and entertainment proposals further enhance the visitor experience, offering moments of fun and learning in an awe-inspiring natural environment.

Do not hesitate to visit the Playa de Santa Cruz de La Palma children’s park with your children and indulge in all the activities and amenities this magical corner of the island has in store to make your holiday a unique and unforgettable experience.

Furthermore, always in Santa Cruz, your children can safely enjoy the facilities of the Playground park situated in the historical heart of the city.


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