Organic banana farm Platanologico

Almost ten years ago, a vision sprouted on the picturesque island of La Palma to cultivate eco-friendly and sustainable bananas, utilizing predominantly local resources. The venture began with a profound respect for soil management and biodiversity, accompanied by employing organic fertilizers, compost, and other essential nourishments directly sourced from the farm to cater to the plants’ needs. The repertoire also included pinillo (pine needles) and cow manure, to name a few.

organic banana farm

Dive into the Sustainable Heart of La Palma at Organic Banana Farm Platanologico: A Journey of Nature, Ethics, and Palatable Discovery

The success of this method is palpable, as the production cost of an organic banana matches that of its conventional counterpart. By indulging in these bananas, not only are you supporting the local economy but also savoring fruits that are nutritiously rich and toxin-free.

Unearth the Intriguing World of Organic Bananas in La Palma: Embracing Sustainability, Cherishing Biodiversity, and Tantalizing Tastings

Your experience at the eco farm unfolds in a mesmerizing subtropical botanical garden. Here, banana cultivation forms the lifeblood of a sustainable ecosystem anchored in agro-ecological farming. You find Platanologico in Puerto Naos. An allocated space for farm animals adds charm, particularly captivating for younger visitors. As your journey culminates, tantalizing tastings await.

Don’t miss out on this unparalleled experience at a farm designed and tailored for events and tours, with pathways accommodating even those with mobility challenges. Embrace sustainability and behold the splendors of La Palma.

Map to the organic banana farm in Puerto Naos


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