Maroparque Isla de La Palma, a unique refuge and original zoo for exotic animals, stands majestically on a cliff in Breña Alta, on the eastern coast. This park, the only one of its kind in the Canary Islands, extends vertically, offering a delightful journey under the shade of its lush botanical garden.

maroparque la palma

Maroparque La Palma: A Unique Refuge for Exotic Animals on the Beautiful Island

The path winds downhill, with wooden bridges and cobbled streets offering views of the Ocean and Santa Cruz de La Palma. What’s most striking is that the path runs through bird and parrot cages, allowing visitors to enjoy the company of these colorful birds.

Spanning over 7,000 square meters, Maroparque Zoo La Palma is dedicated to the conservation of a wide variety of exotic animals, many of which are in serious danger of extinction. Among the species you can observe are tamarins, Nile crocodiles, snakes, raptors, ostriches, monkeys, porcupines, lemurs, and much more.

In addition to the impressive exotic fauna, Maroparque in La Palma offers various activities, workshops, and educational programs, as well as guided tours. It has a Bar-Restaurant with beautiful views, and its facilities can host private parties and birthdays.

The Maroparque foundation also carries out a research program in collaboration with other institutions and a species conservation program. The latter focuses especially on the preservation of the island’s native species, such as the Palmeran goat.

Visit Maroparque and immerse yourself in a unique experience on the island, where nature and conservation come together in a spectacular and unforgettable setting.

Being a foundation, the park always appreciates donations and support. You will also have the option to sponsor an animal for only 60 € a year.

Maroparque Price

CANARY RESIDENTS: Adults € 7.90 – Children 3 to 11 years old € 4.00

NON-RESIDENTS: Adults € 12.50 – Children 3 to 11 years old € 6.50

Maroparque Map


From the main road Lp3 in Breña Alta, turn onto Lp2 towards San Pedro/Velhoco and then travel the Buenavista de Arriba road Lp 202 towards Santa Cruz/Las Nieves, straight on to km 6. Turn right and enter the street of La Cuesta; it’s a narrow street. Travel a few more meters and you will reach your destination.


From Santa Cruz de La Palma, take bus No. 12 or 15.


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