Playground Santa Cruz de La Palma

Located in the heart of Santa Cruz de La Palma, the Playground Park, also known as Llano de las Monjas, is a green oasis for both children and adults in the city center.

playground la palma

Llano de las Monjas Playground: Fun and Nature in Santa Cruz de La Palma

This iconic recreational space, founded in 1971, has become the primary entertainment spot for the little ones and a vital green lung in the urban area.

Over the years, the park has undergone various renovations, always preserving its original essence as a place dedicated to nature and children’s entertainment. Today, the Playground is a clean and peaceful area, featuring play equipment suitable for different age groups and accessible facilities for those with disabilities.

In addition to the play areas, the park also offers restrooms, a sports area for parents, and a kiosk to enjoy refreshments and snacks. To ensure a healthy and safe environment, smoking and alcohol consumption are prohibited throughout the premises.

playground santa cruz de la palma

Map of Llano de las Monjas in Santa Cruz de La Palma


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