La Veta beach

La Veta Beach, located in the Municipality of Tijarafe, on the northwest coast of the charming island of La Palma, is considered one of the hidden gems of the municipality along with Poris de Candelaria. This seasonal black sand cove, which lies at the foot of a majestic 200-meter high cliff, is a true natural treasure that reaches its best form in spring and summer, only to fade away during the fall and winter.

playa la veta la palma

Adventure and spectacular views at La Veta Beach in La Palma, hidden treasure in Tijarafe

To access this picturesque beach, it is recommended to start the journey from the parking lot of the Aguatavar neighborhood. The path, approximately fifteen to twenty minutes long, begins at the end of the paved road that reaches almost to the cliff. During the summer season, it is common to find locals enjoying the numerous caves and huts located at the base of the beach.

La Veta La Palma is one of the hidden treasures of La Palma Island. To access it, you need to walk through a tunnel, which adds to its charm and the sense of adventure. However, the descent to the beach can be somewhat tricky and risky due to the uneven terrain, so it is recommended to be cautious and wear suitable footwear.

Once on the beach, the views are undoubtedly spectacular, with crystal-clear waters and a virtually unspoiled natural environment. It is important to note that there are no services on the beach, so you should bring food and a water bottle for the return trip, as the climb can be exhausting and there is no shade to protect from the sun.

La Veta Tijarafe
Tramo del sendero para bajar a la playa

What to know before going to La Veta Beach

It should be noted that La Veta Beach is not recommended for people with vertigo or for children due to the complexity of access and lack of services. However, for those who dare to explore La Veta Beach in Tijarafe, the experience will be unforgettable.

Although the size of La Veta can vary depending on the time of year, its charm is unchanging. However, it is important to be cautious when visiting this beach. In fact, the beach faces directly onto the Atlantic Ocean, and currents can be strong at times. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this paradisiacal corner of La Palma and marvel at its spectacular landscape.

Beach services:



  • Diving
  • Trekking


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