Banana Chips

In the charming Island of La Palma, you won’t only find breathtaking landscapes and rich history but also unique gastronomic delights you won’t want to miss. One of the most delicious and authentic souvenirs you can take home with you are the exquisite La Palma banana chips. These crunchy treats are handcrafted using natural ingredients without preservatives, ensuring their quality and freshness. Made with local bananas, these chips offer a unique culinary experience that represents the essence of La Palma.

banana chips

La Palma banana chips: crunchy and tasty, an island delicacy that captivates both adults and children’s palates

In addition to the classic version, slightly salted and perfect for any occasion, La Palma banana chips are available in a wide range of flavors to satisfy all tastes. From aromatic options with garlic or herbs, to spicy for those who love intense flavor, to sweet for those who prefer a sweeter delight, there are options for everyone.

La Palma banana chips are made with still green bananas, sliced into thin rounds or strips to offer a crispy and delicious texture reminiscent of traditional french fries. This feature makes them a perfect snack to share with friends and family or to enjoy solo as an indulgent treat. Don’t miss the opportunity to take home this delicious gourmet souvenir from La Palma and delight your loved ones with a gift that represents authentic Palmeran cuisine. You can find banana chips in local souvenir shops, markets, and stores specializing in Palmeran products. Don’t leave the island without trying and taking these delicious chips, a gastronomic treasure from La Palma!

platano chips
platanos fritos

Enjoy the wide variety of tasty and juicy fruits found here. Thanks to the subtropical climate, the island’s typical fruit is a treasure you can’t miss during your stay.


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