San Antonio Volcano La Palma

Although not the largest volcano on the island, San Antonio Volcano La Palma is a must-visit for both adults and children. The visitor center features various rooms with explanatory panels and audiovisuals providing information about the island’s geology and its volcanoes. There’s also a small souvenir shop and a bar.

sana antonio volcano la palma

The path to the crater is short with a slight elevation, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the coast

From the viewpoint, you can enjoy the best sights of the Teneguía volcano, which erupted in 1971. Additionally, the center has an earthquake simulator to experience the sensations of a quake.

In summary, a visit to the Volcán San Antonio offers a unique opportunity to learn about the island’s geology and enjoy its impressive views.

Volcán San Antonio La Palma Eruption: A Display of Volcanic Power in Action

Located in the southern part of La Palma, near the village of Canarios, in the municipality of Fuencaliente, Volcán San Antonio is part of the volcanic complex known as Cumbre Vieja Ridge. Standing at 657 meters high, its last eruption occurred in 1677. Today, it’s dormant and covered in vegetation.

Its eruption, which lasted from November 17, 1677, to January 21, 1678, produced basaltic lava flows that covered an area of 6,500,000 square meters, forming the coastal platform in the Punta Larga and Playa Echentive areas. This region was later affected by the Teneguía eruption in 1971.

Despite its dormancy, the volcano remains a popular tourist attraction due to its accessibility and panoramic coastal views, as well as the various outdoor activities nearby. In fact, next to the Visitor Center begins an unforgettable hiking route suitable even for less experienced hikers.

teneguia 1971

Full enjoy the beauty of the volcanic landscape surrounding you

Fully enjoy the beauty of the volcanic landscape surrounding you through an easy guided walk to the lighthouse and the Salinas de Fuencaliente, passing by the Teneguia Volcano.

Volcán San Antonio La Palma Entry Price:

NON-RESIDENTS in Canarias: €8

RESIDENTS in Canarias: €6

Directions to Volcán San Antonio La Palma


From the Lp2, turn onto the Las Indias road following the signs for Volcán San Antonio and Hotel Princess Teneguia. The visitor center has its own parking, but there’s also roadside parking available.


The bus stop for route no.23 – Los Canarios-Faro-Hotel Teneguia is conveniently located right in front of the visitor center entrance, especially handy for those staying at the Hotel Princess. Additionally, if you’re coming from Santa Cruz or Los Llanos, you can stop in central Fuencaliente and walk down to the visitor center.


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