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If you’re looking for a beach with a touch of history, you definitely have to visit Echentive Beach or Playa Nueva. This beach is located in the south of the island in the municipality of Fuencaliente, very close to the lighthouse, became one of the most popular places to visit after the eruption of the Teneguía volcano in 1971. Nowadays, it is part of the Teneguía Volcanoes Natural Monument, which means you’ll find yourself surrounded by a stunning natural landscape.

echentive beach

Echentive Beach in La Palma: a natural paradise at the southern tip of the island, a destination for spectacular sunsets

Echentive Beach was formed by the eruption of Teneguia in 1971. It is perfect for those looking for a different beach experience. With a length of about 280 metres, you can enjoy its crystal-clear waters and black volcanic sand. Although the beach has a wild appearance, don’t worry, as it is easily accessible by car or via trails.

If you enjoy walking, we recommend following the trail that will take you from the beach to the Fuencaliente Lighthouse. Along the way, you can admire the local flora and fauna and enjoy panoramic views of the coast.

If you are a lover of the beach and nature, you cannot miss this unique experience! Echentive Beach is one of the most popular destinations on the island of La Palma and a magical place to watch the best sunsets on the island.

Discover Fuente Santa in La Palma, the thermal treasure buried by the eruption of the San Antonio volcano in La Palma

Echentive Beach in La Palma is home to a natural treasure buried by the eruption of the San Antonio Volcano in November 1677: La Fuente Santa. The island’s aboriginal people, known as benahoritas, were already familiar with this thermal spring, which became very popular among the Castilians, who travelled from all over Spain and Europe to try to cure their skin diseases.

The fame of Fuente Santa was such that the village surrounding it took its name: Fuencaliente. However, on November 13, 1677, the eruption of the San Antonio Volcano buried the spring under a thick layer of lava and pushed the sea 400 metres towards the coast. Despite this, the Canary Islands Government has recently conducted a survey in the area and found temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius.

The aim of the Canary Islands Government is to take advantage of these thermal waters in the future by creating a gallery to extract them and establish a spa in the area. This initiative could revive the fame of Fuente Santa and allow visitors to enjoy the benefits of its therapeutic waters, making it a new tourist attraction for the island of La Palma.

playa echentive

Near the beach, there is also the famous Charco el Aljibe, known and appreciated for its warm and salty waters.

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