El Aljibe natural pool

El Aljibe La Palma is located at Echentive Beach in Fuencaliente, a turquoise water pool that is perfect for swimming due to its spaciousness and pleasant temperature.

el aljibe natural pool

Discover the natural beauty of El Aljibe pool, a thermal gem in La Palma with turquoise waters surrounded by volcanic rocks

Although the water is quite salty, it’s a unique experience to enjoy its beauty and freshness. Moreover, in the surrounding area, Echentive Beach or Playa Nueva, you can observe volcanic rocks that contrast with the water’s colour. El Aljibe is one of the best beaches and pools in La Palma, and a visit is a must.

Recommendations for visiting El Aljibe La Palma pool

However, it is important to bear in mind that weekends are times when the pool tends to be full of local visitors who spend the day there. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid visiting on weekends. It is also recommended to wear suitable footwear, such as water shoes, as the pools are surrounded by sharp rocks. It is also important to note that it is not advisable to visit the pool with very young children.

To find El Aljibe, it is recommended not to follow the sign you see from the road but to access it through Echentive Beach or Playa Nueva and walk to the right along the volcanic walls. You will find a first pool and then, further ahead, El Aljibe. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of La Palma at El Aljibe.


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