La Fajana

Discover the charming La Fajana natural pools, located in the municipality of Barlovento on the northeast coast of the island of La Palma. This attractive set of three natural pools offers a unique and relaxing experience, perfect for enjoying the sea and pool in a safe and protected environment from the strong waves.

la Fajana natural pool in canary island

Explore the spectacular La Fajana Natural Pools, a water oasis for the whole family formed by a lava delta

Fajana of Barlovento gets its name from its origin. In fact, it is a perfect example of a lava delta or lava fajana. Discover here what a lava delta is.

The first adaptation works of the primitive ponds began in 1976, creating ideal saltwater pools for swimming and recreation. The natural beauty of the pools and their preservation have been appreciated by tourists and locals, and have become a popular tourist spot on the island.

La Fajana Pools, located on the coastline of La Palma island, were formerly a place for linen tanning. Over time, these pools have been conditioned to form a group of three natural pools that have managed to preserve their natural environment.

Enjoy a full day of relaxation at La Fajana of Barlovento with all the available services

Fajana of Barlovento consists of a large pool, a medium pool, and a small shallow pool for children’s use, all suitable for swimming. The smallest pool has a beautiful waterfall that is activated in summer and is used as a spa for the delight of the little ones. The medium pool is ideal for relaxing and entertaining, while the largest one offers transparent water and a rocky bottom, with an opening through which water and small fish from the Atlantic enter.

La Fajana La Palma is surrounded by well-maintained walkways that allow easy access and mobility between them. It is recommended to wear suitable footwear, such as water shoes or beach sandals, to avoid slipping or injuries to the feet when stepping on the rocks at the bottom. The fajana pools have car parks, sunbathing areas, changing rooms, showers, picnic areas, and nearby restaurants, making them an ideal place for the whole family to enjoy a relaxing day.

La Fajana pool view
La Fajana natural pool

La Fajana de La Palma is a must-visit in the north. Enjoy a swim in its crystal-clear and calm waters, protected from the strong waves, and experience the beauty and charm of this unique corner on the island.

Near La Fajana La Palma, there is a car park for parking caravans and vans and enjoying a holiday with stunning views of the coast. Although it currently does not have grey and fresh water supply and disposal facilities like the neighbouring Laguna de Barlovento, a stop here is essential.


Services available:

  • Large Car Park
  • Wc
  • Duchas
  • Children’s Areas
  • Solarium
  • Nearby Restaurants


  • Swimming
  • Relax


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