La Zamora Beach

Welcome to La Zamora, one of the most spectacular beaches on the coast of Fuencaliente, located in the southwest of the island of La Palma. This beach is surrounded by banana plantations, with medium-grain volcanic black sand and gravel. La Zamora is popular for its tranquillity, beauty, and sunsets.

La zamora beach la Palma island

Enjoy the spectacular sunset at Zamora Beach, an Oasis of Tranquillity on the South Coast of La Palma

La Zamora is located a few metres from the Princess Teneguia Hotel in Fuencaliente. Divided into Zamora Grande and Zamora Chica by a rocky outcrop, this beach is protected by a group of sea rocks. The beaches are separated by an approximate distance of 200 metres; access to both is allowed through a stone staircase, although at low tide, it is possible to move from one beach to another through the sea. To reach these beaches, it is possible to park vehicles and walk to the beaches.

La Zamora Beach is about 180 metres long and 15 metres wide, with a gentle slope towards the sea and moderate waves. Its pleasant climate throughout the year makes it an ideal choice for relaxing and resting. Moreover, thanks to its depth, marine life, and good conditions, La Zamora Beach is very popular among diving enthusiasts on the beautiful island. Don’t forget your water shoes! It is also possible to surf when the waves pick up.

The beach has a kiosk, a small car park, and a picnic area for a full day at the beach. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful beach during your stay in La Palma and enjoy one of the most beautiful spots to watch the sunset in La Palma.

la zamora beach

La Zamora beach facilities:


Beach Activities:

  • Diving
  • Surfing
  • Swimming (with caution, as there are no lifeguards)


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