The Salinas Fuencaliente in La Palma are a charming place worth visiting. Not only can you enjoy the process of salt production, but also incredible views and delicious dishes in the local restaurant. Get encouraged to explore this unique corner in La Palma!

Salinas Fuencaliente La Palma: a fascinating journey through salt production

The Salt Flats are located in one of the most impressive landscapes on the Island of La Palma, characterized by a mantle of pyroclasts and lava flows that evoke recent eruptions. This place houses the most modern salt complex in the Canary Islands, resulting from the effort of a family dedicated to the artisanal production of sea salt. The tradition continues from generation to generation under the commercial brand Sal Marina Teneguía, in honor of the homonymous volcano.

Charming protected natural space

The La Palma Salinas are a set of pools and evaporators where Fuencaliente Salt is extracted. These Fuencaliente marine salt flats have an interpretation center where you can learn about their operation and local flora and fauna. Experts in ornithology, botany, and related sciences have shown increasing interest in this exceptional landscape. In fact, in 1994 it was designated as a Natural Space of Scientific Interest, demonstrating its ecological and scientific relevance in the region.

Also, you can’t miss the Las Salinas Fuencaliente Restaurant, which offers delicious local dishes and panoramic views of the sea and the salt flats. In the same complex, there is a small souvenir shop where you can buy Teneguia salt.

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Discover the spectacular and unmissable surroundings of La Palma’s salt flats

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A few minutes from the Fuencaliente lighthouse and salt flats, you will find Echentive Beach and El Aljibe Natural pool. This black sand beach, surrounded by spectacular lava formations, is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the warm waters of the Atlantic. A little further in the vicinity of the Princess Teneguia Hotel, you will also find the fascinating Zamora beach.

Moreover, Fuencaliente is a privileged place for star-gazing due to its low light pollution and its location in La Palma, an island worldwide recognized for its clear skies and astronomical quality.

Do not miss the opportunity to witness the special magic that envelops Fuencaliente, especially at sunset. Take a look here at the best spots to watch sunsets. The Salt Flats and their surroundings invite you to discover a world of natural beauty, history, and starry skies in La Palma.

Recommendations for visitors

  • Wear comfortable shoes and sun protection to fully enjoy La Palma Salinas.
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to buy Fuencaliente Salt as a souvenir or gift.
  • Take advantage of your visit to the Fuencaliente Salt Flats to explore the surroundings and discover other points of interest in the area.

How to get to Fuencaliente’s Salinas


If you are in Santa Cruz de La Palma and wish to visit the Fuencaliente salt flats, start your journey by heading south on the LP2 main road. As you proceed, be on the lookout to turn left onto LP 207, the first road that goes down towards the coast. This route is clearly marked with a sign indicating “EL FARO” and “LAS CALETAS”. Continue on this road until you reach the salt flats.

On the other hand, if you are starting from Los Llanos, follow the LP2 road south until you reach the town of Los Canarios. Once there, take the road that goes down towards the coast in the direction of Las Indias, following the signs towards the Hotel Princess. The road will take you past the hotel and you will continue past a banana plantation area. Along your way, you will pass by Punta Larga and Playa Echentive until you finally reach the salt flats.

For your return, you can choose to go back by the same road or take the LP 207, which will lead you back to the LP2, offering you another perspective of the beautiful landscape of this part of the island.

How to get to Fuencaliente's Salinas


Bus line no. 23 Fuencaliente – Hotel Teneguia – Lighthouse has a stop right in front of the salinas.



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