Canary Honey Rum

Aldea Honey Rum is an emblematic beverage from La Palma, Canary Islands, blending Aldea White Rum with exquisite honey from traditional insular beekeeping. Produced by Aldea Distilleries in San Andrés y Sauces, this renowned Canary honey rum offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic, world-famous honey rum.

canaty honey rum

Discover the Authentic Flavor of La Palma with Canary Honey Rum Aldea: A Sweet Tradition in Every Sip

It has an alcohol content ranging from 20 to 30% and delights with an intense, honeyed flavor, which is not too sweet, and presents subtle floral notes, varying its color from an old gold to an intense mahogany. It is commonly served as an aperitif or digestive and is splendid cold in shots or in a long glass with ice. Additionally, the honey rum liquor can be explored in pastry.

The Ron Miel is available for purchase at various locations on the island. Both visitors and locals can acquire this coveted liquor in souvenir shops as well as establishments offering typical Palmero products, thus providing an excellent opportunity to take home a piece of the authentic flavor of La Palma. Moreover, rum enthusiasts can visit the distillery itself in San Andrés y Sauces to buy directly from the source and possibly explore the fascinating process behind the creation of this renowned honey rum.

ron miel aldea


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