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The Silk Museum La Palma, Las Hilanderas, on the island of La Palma, specifically in El Paso, is an active craft workshop and museum dedicated to the manufacture and sale of various silk items.

silk museum la palma

Silk Museum La Palma: where tradition and quality come together in unique products

Here, the tradition of silk processing is kept alive, from worm breeding to weaving and embroidery. At the museum, visitors can witness firsthand the meticulous process used to obtain this delicate material and learn how craftsmen work, following a process now extinct elsewhere in Europe.

In addition, they can purchase genuine handcrafted works of art at the museum shop, such as scarves, wallets, bags, ties, and embroidery, highly recognized for their craftsmanship both in La Palma and around the world.

The museum is housed in a charming historical building in the city and features the Filandaie Workshop, where visitors can learn about the history and traditions of silk craftsmanship in La Palma. If you’re a fashion and textile enthusiast, visit the Embroidery Museum located inside the Casa Roja Museum.

La Palma Silk: history of a textile tradition

Silk production was crucial to the island’s economy since the 16th century, introducing textile techniques to La Palma.

Although originally a male occupation, today this craft is performed exclusively by women. La Palma’s embroidery and silk were widely exported to the Peninsula and Flanders, enjoying great prestige in Europe.

However, with the arrival of the 18th century, cotton became more popular, relegating silk to a secondary role. Despite this, the Las Hilanderas workshop in El Paso continues to uphold this unique European artisan tradition, preserving the entirely manual process.

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Directions to the Silk Museum

How to get to the museum


Access to the museum is straightforward, as it is located in the historical center of El Paso on Manuel Taño street.


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