San Bartolo viewpoint

San Bartolo Viewpoint in La Palma: Panoramic vistas from 439m high, where sky meets sea in breathtaking splendor in La Galga. It is located 439 meters above sea level, the San Bartolo mountain offers a natural viewpoint to admire the sky in La Palma in almost all directions.

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Mirador San Bartolo: A prime spot to gaze at stars and the panoramic beauty of northern La Palma

Easily accessible by car, journey through the town of Puntallana to reach the chapel of San Bartolo, followed by a short climb. With ample parking, the viewpoint is equipped with informative panels, two star maps, and a monument dedicated to the local legend of the “Leap of the Lover”.

From this mountain on La Palma island, during the early hours of each afternoon in June and July, one can behold one of the nearest blue-white stars to Earth: Vega. In these pristine skies, the brighter, petite constellation of Lyra is also visible.

Leap of the Lover Viewpoint: The Legend

According to an old legend from La Galga, in the municipality of Puntallana, a handsome shepherd fell madly in love with a beautiful young woman who did not reciprocate his feelings. To deter his advances, she set him a near-impossible love test: he must approach the cliff’s edge and twirl thrice over the abyss, balancing solely on a long spear. If successful, she would accept his love.

The brave shepherd, without hesitation, took up his spear and faced the challenge. Completing the first turn, he exclaimed, “In the name of God!” and managed it flawlessly. On his second attempt, he cried out, “In the name of the Virgin!” and once again emerged unscathed. But while attempting the third and final turn, he proclaimed, “In the name of my lady!” and tragically plummeted into the void.

Ever since, locals have named this cliff “El Salto del Enamorado” or “The Lover’s Leap”.

san bartolo viewpoint

If you’re a lover of viewpoints, remember that just a few minutes by car from there, still in the municipality of Puntallana, lies the wonderful and wild Nogales beach, which will leave you breathless with its spectacular views. This very beach was ranked sixth among the 21 most beautiful beaches in Spain by National Geographic.

How to get to the San Bartolo Viewpoint without a map


Follow the LP2 towards Puntallana until you reach the town of La Galga. Here, leave the main road to continue a few meters further on the secondary street that goes to the center of the town. Further ahead, you will find the viewpoint.


The bus number 100 will take you to the stop: La Galga San Bartolo. From there, it’s a 10-minute walk.


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