El Pilar Recreation Area

El Pilar La Palma, nestled between the towering mountain ranges of Cumbre Nueva and Cumbre Vieja, stands as a stunning recreational area in the heart of the island.

el pilar la palma recreation area

Recreational Area El Pilar La Palma

Surrounded by a lush pine forest at the base of Pico Birigoyo, rising to 1,450 meters, it’s a cherished sunny day destination for local families to celebrate birthdays and events. The El Pilar La Palma recreational area boasts a camping zone, playground, potable water, showers, restrooms, cooking pits, barbecue huts, benches, and tables—everything you need for a delightful day immersed in nature.

This place has established itself as one of the island’s most traditional leisure spots. Its strategic location, midway along the mountain range dividing the island, makes it the perfect starting point for the famed Route of the Volcanoes. Additionally, El Pilar in La Palma serves as a prime stargazing spot due to its absence of light pollution and its altitude. In this regard, the Mirador del Llano del Jable viewpoint is notably positioned on the main road, just a few meters from the recreation area.

volcano route la palma

El Pilar, the starting point of the famous Volcanoes Route

Enjoy safely one of the most representative routes of the island of La Palma with an experienced and passionate guide.

For those looking to camp and soak in the natural beauty, tent stays of up to 7 days are permitted. Don’t hesitate come explore this captivating spot right in the island’s heart.

recreative area la palma

Camping Recommendations at El Pilar La Palma

  • For the use of certain kitchens and camping areas, prior authorization is required (Environment Council).
  • Tent stays are limited to 7 days.
  • In case of weather alerts, strictly follow the guidelines and prohibitions set by the Canary government.
  • Bring windbreakers or warm clothing.

Map of Camping at El Pilar La Palma

Directions by car to Pilar

From Santa Cruz: Take the Lp3 towards El Paso and Los Llanos. After exiting the Cumbre tunnel, take the first road on the left and ascend to the recreational area, passing by the Mirador del Llano del Jable. Alternatively, head towards Breña Baja-Las Leda and then begin the ascent on the LP301 San Isidro road until you reach El Pilar.

From Los Llanos: Take the Lp3 towards Santa Cruz de La Palma. Before entering the tunnel, take the well-marked exit for the El Pilar refuge via the Lp301 and continue until you arrive at your destination.


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