Farm Market Brena Alta

The Breña Alta Market, located in the beautiful Los Álamos Park in the San Pedro neighborhood, is a treasure for lovers of local gastronomy and crafts.

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On weekends, this market becomes a family-friendly place full of a lively and welcoming atmosphere. The Breña Alta Market offers a wide variety of fresh and local products:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables. Here, fruits and vegetables grown on the island are offered, ideal for enjoying the authentic flavors of La Palma.
  • Handcrafted products. With stalls displaying unique and beautifully crafted pieces. It’s the perfect place to find special gifts and souvenirs of your visit to La Palma.
  • Local food and beverages. Delicious Palmero cheeses and dairy products. In addition, you’ll find artisanal bakery and pastry items that will delight your palate. Don’t miss trying a natural sugarcane juice, a real treat.

Explore the Delights of La Palma at the Los Álamos Breña Alta Agromarket

The Breña Alta Agromarket is a space that promotes interaction between producers and consumers committed to improving our food and health, encouraging responsible consumption.

To make the most of your experience at the Breña Alta Market, it is recommended to arrive early in the morning, as fresh products tend to sell out quickly.

This market has 17 fixed stalls and 20 itinerant ones offering a wide variety of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, grown on the island and available at fair and competitive prices. In addition, you’ll find Palmero gastronomy products and crafts that reflect the local culture.

The prices of the products vary weekly, with a range that goes from the minimum necessary to cover production costs to a maximum influenced by the main retail chains in the area. This is done with the goal of ensuring fair prices for both consumers and producers.

Access to the agromarket is reserved for producers who meet the basic principles and requirements, such as local production, organic or integrated farming without residues. This ensures the quality and origin of the products available in the market.

farm market los alamos brena alta
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Opening Hours

Mapa Farm Market Brena Alta Los Alamos

Mapa mercadillo de Los Alamos Breña Alta


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