Los Llanos Market

The Los Llanos de Aridane Municipal Market is a modern, covered space located in the heart of this city in La Palma. This market serves as a meeting point for both locals and tourists looking to enjoy fresh and authentic products in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

los llanos market

At the Los Llanos Municipal Market, you can find a wide variety of fresh and local products:

  • Fruits and Vegetables: The market boasts a broad selection of regional fruits and vegetables, including bananas, avocados, mangoes, papayas, dragon fruits, and other produce from the gardens of La Palma.
  • Fish and Seafood: In the market, you’ll find a vast array of freshly caught fish and seafood, perfect for savoring the flavors of the ocean.
  • Meats: The market stalls offer high-quality local meats, essential ingredients in many of the island’s traditional dishes.
  • Cheeses and Dairy: At the Los Llanos Municipal Market, you can taste a variety of delicious artisanal cheeses from La Palma, made from goat, sheep, or cow milk.
  • Local Products: In addition to fresh foods, there are stalls selling island specialties like gofio, mojos, honey, Isla Verde beers, typical wines of La Palma, and other traditional products.
  • Pastries and Sweets: Don’t miss out on sampling local pastry delights, such as cakes, cookies, and other typical sweets.
los llanos mercado

The Los Llanos de Aridane Municipal Market is the perfect place to enjoy the flavors and culture of La Palma in a cozy, modern setting. Don’t hesitate to visit it during your stay on the island and take home a piece of the authentic taste and tradition of La Palma.

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Map of Los Llanos Market


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