Los Indianitos 2024 (Little Indianos)los indianitos cartel

Los Indianitos 2024 (Little Indianos)

11 de February de 2024

Sunday Morning, February 11, 2024, Santa Cruz de La Palma dresses in white to celebrate 'Los Indianitos' (The little Indianos), the precursor to the grand Monday of Los Indianos. This is a special day within the Carnival, dedicated to the little ones. From morning until the early hours of the afternoon, the Plaza de España transforms into a space full of joy and fun for children.

The little ones, dressed in white, will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the tradition of Los Indianos, enjoying talcum powder, games, inflatables, and music. It is a perfect moment for children to have fun in a safe and festive environment, participating in activities designed especially for them.

The family, also invited to dress in white, can accompany their little ones, creating a serene and welcoming atmosphere. Together, they can enjoy the carnival atmosphere, relaxing on the terraces of local establishments or visiting the dock area, where the fair adds even more excitement to the day.

Additionally, kiosks along the Maritime Avenue will offer sugar cane juice and other typical drinks, allowing both adults and children to savor the flavors of the Carnival. Los Indianitos in the historic center of Santa Cruz de La Palma is a wonderful way to share the joy of Carnival with children, offering them a day full of fun, color, and tradition.

Undoubtedly, Los Indianitos has established itself as the most viable option for families on the Island to continue enjoying the streets with a sense of freedom, accompanied by elegantly dressed young and old.

los indianitos cartel

Exactly one month before the big day, on January 12th, the Mayor presented the official poster of the Indianos 2024 to the citizens. This year, the design was created by Yenthami Perez Gonzales and Anthea Rodriguez Lopez, students of the Manolo Blahnik School in Santa Cruz de La Palma.

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