Privateer's day 2024privateer's day santa cruz de la palma 2024

Privateer's day 2024

2 de August de 2024

Following tradition, the seventh edition of Privateer's Day will be held on Friday, August 2nd starting at 6:00 PM in Plaza de Alameda, Santa Cruz de La Palma.

This event is organized by the City Council and the cultural association Privateer's Day. During the celebration, the historic center of Santa Cruz de La Palma transforms into a monumental stage to recreate the historic attack by the privateer Pata de Palo in 1553, along with the fervent resistance shown by the citizens of La Palma, led by Baltasar Martín, in defending the city.

Iconic places such as El Barco de la Virgen and the plazas of La Alameda, San Francisco, España, and Santo Domingo, which are also sites of historical significance, will serve as the settings where the various episodes of this historic event are dramatized, adding authenticity and depth to the commemoration.

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