Mojo Picon Sauce

The word “mojo” is derived from the Portuguese term “molho”, which means sauce. Its origins date back to the early years after the discovery of America when the Portuguese began introducing spices from Africa and America. The Canary Islands acted as a gateway to Europe for these ingredients, leading to the birth of this culinary condiment.

mojo picon sauce from la palma

What is Mojo?

Mojo is the traditional Canarian sauce and is an essential accompaniment for many dishes of the archipelago. The original Canarian recipe for picon mojo has evolved over time, adopting personality and embracing flavors from Guanche tradition and Venezuelan cuisine. Essential ingredients like oil, vinegar, and garlic are mixed with spices or additional elements like saffron, coriander, cumin, paprika, and nuts like almonds. There are two types of mojo: mojo rojo and mojo verde.

Authentic Canarian Red Mojo Picon: The Traditional Palmero Dressing that Enriches Your Favorite Dishes

Also known as palmero mojo, it is made with oil, vinegar, and red pepper, which gives it its characteristic color. It is commonly used to accompany meats such as rabbit, goat, roasted chicken, or pork, as well as potatoes, cheese, or gofio. Palmera pepper is a dry red pepper grown on the island of La Palma and is mainly used to prepare various dishes of the island’s cuisine and the spicy mojo sauce, also known as picona pepper.

Embark on a culinary journey of discovery: How can you master the art of crafting the quintessential Canarian wrinkled potatoes or a sumptuously melted, grilled cheese adorned with tantalizing mojo?

Enjoy the Green Canarian Mojo Picon: The Cilantro and Parsley Sauce that Transforms Your Fish and Seafood Dishes

The ingredients are similar to those of the red mojo sauce, but the pepper is replaced by coriander or parsley. Some recipes include cumin and green pepper. This creamy mojo sauce pairs very well with fried fish and seafood such as limpets.

Take a Little Piece of La Palma Home: Acquire Delicious Artisan Mojo to Remember its Unique Flavor

spicy mojo
mojo sauce
originalpicon mojo

Visitors have the unique opportunity to take home an authentic culinary souvenir from their trip to the Canaries: they can acquire a jar of fresh mojo, made artisanally by small local producers, or even buy typical ingredients like picon pepper. This way, they can recreate a delicious Canarian recipe, such as the famous wrinkled potatoes with mojo, at home. This gesture will not only allow them to savor the rich Canarian cuisine in their own home but also support local artisan businesses.


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